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Wind Turbine Blades

We develop and design our OLW wind turbine blades in consultation with the leading Danish experts in the field. The work is ongoing and Olsen Wings is always looking to strengthening our blade portfolio according to customer needs.

We can develop a blade for you exclusively and deliver the production equipment – or produce your design including 3D milling, mould fabrication and documentation.

“Our philosophy is the best performance with no compromise on quality.”

With our new design, Seria 4 and 5, focusing on low wind performance, yearly performance and low noise, we have optimized output from the profile concepts and from several other parameters.

We got the facilities for testing against the international IEC 61400-2 standard in house. All needed test can be done and test reports can be send to certification bodies. Load and torque curves will be delivered upon request.

Power Calculations
Ensure the machine optimal running we are able to offer power curve calculations specified your project.

“Successful optimization come from all parameters in common.”

We can offer you a theoretical power curve according to your specific RPM and pitch angle on your request. If more specific technical questions come up, we will work closely together with your engineering team to find the best performing.

The OLW blade models cover:

  • Stall machines with fixed pitch and Aero dynamic 100% fail safe Tip-brakes.
  • Stall machines on various speed control with or without aero dynamic Tip-Brake.
  • Pitching machine types.