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Refurbishment Blades

The philosophy of the new blade design on the OLW 1450 is having a modern alternative for new or refurbished turbines in the 225-300kW size.

“It is simply not possible to buy a modern blade of high quality for replacement.”

The idea was optimizing profiles doing a slightly longer blade, designed not to transfer higher loads to the machine than the old LM 13,4 and Vestas V27-29 blades, allowing it being replaced to a refurbished machine for having higher production with same blade cost.

The new design is fulfilling the standards and has been calculated and static tested against the IEC 61400/1. The final certification will take place during first half 2017.

The performance is significant better with the new blades tested in Scotland.

In pipe line is the OLW 2300.
That is a design for 500/700 Kw machines.