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Olsen Wings is an innovative and creative enterprise. The two owners are Troels Ette and Karl Kristian Bro.
“we put ideas into action and continue to develop wind turbine blades – our own OLW-blades, as well as blades exclusively for customers.”

We have more than 20 years of know-how within composite and other materials used in our products. We have developed boats, blades and other items from composite materials for the last 20 years – the reason why we can create blades in 100% composite materials – giving lightweight, durable blades.

We have our own in-house R&D department dedicated to the development of composite techniques. Designing, 3D milling, mould building, concepts defining, production facilities, the final testing and the 2 and-3D documentation for the work. Our Knowhow from the many blades being done – give the best and most cost reasonably blades available. We are able to test blades on our own test facilities. Our blades are tested against the IEC 61400-2.

Our way of working is based in collaboration and idea development, and we will be happy to work closely with you.

We will be the market leader with regards to advanced production techniques and robot technologies, to keep the best way of manufacture for high benefit to the product – and the customer.

Besides the blades we offer other services:
Specialized in concepts on new or different materials and the possibilities in between.

  • Development of industrial products
  • 3D Milling
  • 3D modelling and 2D documentation
  • Testing and documentation
  • Mock Up’s