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OLW Products

OLW Blade Program:

  • OLW 340-6: Length: 3.4 m. Swept area 40m2. For 6 kW generator
  • OLW 340-10: Length: 3.4 m. Swept area 40m2. For 10 kW generator
  • OLW 490: Length: 4.9 m. Swept area 82m2. For 10-15 kW generator
  • OLW 510:  Length: 5,1 m. Swept area 90m2. For 15-20 kW generator
  • OLW 620: Length: 6.2 m. Swept area 132m2. For 20-30kW. generator
  • OLW 650: Length: 6.5 m. Swept area 145m2. For 20-30kW. generator
  • OLW 750: Length: 7.5 m. Swept area 200m2. For 30 -80 kW generator
  • OLW 965: * Length: 9,65 m Swept area 315-340m2. For 60-100 kW generator
  • OLW 1450: ** Length: 14,5 m. Swept area 707m2. For (100)225-300 kW generator
  • OLW 2300:*** Length: 23,0 m. Swept area 1800-2000m2 For 500-700 kW generator (in pipe line)

* Run Vestas V17
** For replacement of the LM 13,4 and Vestas V27-29
*** In pipe line. For replacement of the LM and Vestas V49-52

Our blades are designed for a service life of > 20 years. Possibility of doing root extensions achieving a specified swept area is possible. Optional lightning protection.

Tip Brake

The tip brake has been designed as an emergency brake. A fail safe operational aero dynamic brake without any change in functionality and reliability. One of the reasons why Danish knowhow on wind turbines has become leading in the world, are that the tip brakes ensured the turbines a long service life from the very beginning, what have enabled developing true quality products.

EXAMPLE TECH SPEC In these PDF’s you are able to see some examples of technical specifications for our wind blades.